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You deserve it 

Relax and unwind At Solo Styles LLC with a unique one-on-one appointment without the distractions of an open air salon. Since 2004, I have provided patrons in and around Newton Falls, Ohio with personalized hair services, and now I am delighted to reach my guests on a deeper level.  I love  to give back and really  cater specifically to your needs by providing a  private stress and judgement free zone, with minimal interruptions.  Solo Styles LLC is designed to be a safe space where you are free to release your negative energies  and leave feeling beautiful and balanced.   I am so excited to be able to aid in your journey with  self care. I believe that safety is first priority and Solo Styles LLC  will provide a safe experience despite the recent ongoing global pandemic. Check out our forum for updated salon policies and guidelines 

The Salon

Marble Surface
Cleanse & Hydrate


30 minutes 

Choice of 1

-Intense Clarifying Treatment -or-

-Deep Conditioning Mask 

Warm towels steamed with essential oils covering your forehead and eyes will help you relax and unwind while enjoying an extended scalp and nape massage during your shampoo.  Dim lighting from the glow of Himalayan salt lamps and the comforting warmth of our foot detox dome, accompanied by dual sounds & aromatherapy guide your attention away from your thoughts and into your body to produce a grounding experience. 

Sauna and salt info 3.jpg

Infrared Sauna Session

$1 per minute or 35 minutes for $25

Far Infrared Therapy, or FIR, uses thermal radiation in the form of invisible bands of energy to penetrate the body & produce positive effects at a cellular level. 



Aids in detoxification

Supports fat reduction

Helps cleanse the liver & kidneys


Increases the core body temperature for pre- workout 


Soothes sore muscles post workout and aids in muscle recovery

Helps heal scars


Oxygenates, regenerates, & detoxes blood

Improves function of the organs that rely on blood for energy

Increases white blood cells & T-cells

Reduces muscle soreness, & spasms due to medical conditions


Increases important enzymes in the
digestive tract

and many more...

Sauna and salt info 2.jpg


$15 per session 

15 minutes


Halotherapy, also called dry salt therapy, is achieved by aerosolizing pharmaceutical grade salt to create a microclimate that can be inhaled by the client as well as absorbed by their skin to promote health and wellness.


Reduction of inflammation in airways

Improves the lungs' ability to function

Clears mucus

Relieves certain symptoms
caused by asthma and allergies


Adds endurance and stamina to physical activities

Improves athletic abilities

Boosts the
immune system

Treats skin conditions

Enhances sleep quality

Reduces stress and certain types of depression, and anxiety

The Boutique

Marble Surface
Text appointment requests to (330) 720-7283 (provide name, all desired services, and date/ time preferences. This salon does not book outside of the current week. Schedule opens  each Monday at 6am and accepted requests will receive confirmation in the order they are received until all availability is reserved. 
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